Wednesday, September 10, 2008

More random pics

The family with Mickey

Here are the girls with Jasmine.

And here is Brian with Jasmine. He got grounded again (see fire waterfall below).

The girls at aunt Misty's wedding, at Waimea falls on Oahu.

Everyone at Hanauma bay ready to snorkle. Kami and Kylee got to see a few green sea turtles up close.
Kami got her braces off today. She looks so good. We're all proud of our 7th grader.

In a related story, Brian brought this home.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

We're slowly redoing our back yard. This took a couple of weeks and three mexicans to build. Granite bolders in the front, stucco and wire over a 1/2" rebar frame in the back.

The kids love the slide. Its about 6 ft high, and runs for about 10 ft.

Angie told Brian that he couldnt have flames.
So he promptly plumbed gas right into the waterfall, creating the volcano effect.
Its easier to ask forgiveness than permission. He's now gounded.
Pics from our family trip in Hawaii this April.

Here is Dissy (Addisyn) kicking it. Don't bother her; she's putting sunblock on.

Kylee and our friend, Eric riding one in.

Kylee and Dissy sitting on uncle Dane.

Angie and Kami at Waikiki beach on Ouahu. Looking sexy.

Kylee and Brian caught a few waves. Kylee thought she was so cool, surfing at age 6. She helped paddle, and was quick to stand up when the wave pick up. 3-4 footers were the swells

Brian and angie rode a couple waves tandem. That means Brian got to paddle for both of them. In this pic they are just standing up. The board was 12 ft long, enabling two people to easily be propelled by any wave here.